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Don't get sucked into the vortex of courses

Reda is a smart boy who started feeling interested in programming. He started a JAVA course 3 years ago, but he didn't complete it. He also started learning about reskinning android apps using but still didn't finish it.

The difference between those times and this one is that Reda has hated his school, it has been a year now that he always sits in front of his laptop only watching movies and series, but thankfully his gut was telling him that he should start. Spending his time right!

Coming back to now, Reda googled 'what is the best programming language to learn?' and of course, he found many opinions and advice, but without any serious reason, he decided to learn Python!

Reda downloaded a paid Udemy course from ThePirateBay (Reda is BROKE! lol), finished it after 1 month, but he didn't feel satisfied with what he learned thought about starting a new course.

Guess what? after 5 MONTHS, Reda is still watching courses and have 0 projects and 0 experience. Only knowledge !!!!

Courses are literally like a vortex. You will never get enough knowledge and feel satisfied unless you stop just watching and start coding! Start facing bugs and debugging them, start writing ugly code and beautify it, start googling your problems, start reading documentations to understand and find the solution of only what you need, start discovering others code, and understand it and change things on it...

Start with a course of basics, get to understand them, and forget about courses.
Coding is to code, not to watch!

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