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Chris Westbrook

Hi, I thought I would introduce myself.

I've been working with sql and web forms with c# for 12 years, but am learning react in an attempt to modernize my skillset in search of opportunities. I am totally blind and use a screen reader and Braille display.

Web development/design can be a bit tricky for me, especially on personal projects when I don't have colleagues who can help with design, but I enjoy getting the browser to do stuff.
I also do a lot of sql queries and c# apps at work, I recently completed a project taking an excel file exported from a program and importing it into a database. This was not easy as it was not your standard excel spreadsheet with column headers and data. It was definitely meant for human consumption and not computer consumption, but with helpful explanations from a colleague I was able to wrangle the data out of it and hopefully future sheets of that type. Perhaps I will write a post about it.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding blindness and/or how I program. Some of my side projects are on my github, I hope the code may help someone even though I am a relative beginner at modern javascript/front end. Looking forward to seeing what I can contribute.