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Moonmin says hello from a cloud


  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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I'm Yuichi, from Japan living in Montreal, Canada.

I am software engineer at a startup using Node.js with Typescript, some Python, Angular, Docker, and microservice stuff. For my private time, I'm having fun using and learning other stack like Go (Golang), React, Ruby on rails, Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc. I like learning new stuff!

My previous jobs before becoming software engineer were Sales/Marketing rep, Translator, etc. I studied Business/Economics in University.
I have learned coding via YouTube, blogs, codecademy, freecodecamp, and googling around.

I speak Japanese, English, and some French. I love travelling, playing various sports and working out, and cooking!
Nice to meet you all :)


Welcome Yuichi, nice to have you here. 😉


Hey I have DBA friend in Canada, but in Vancouver... hehe


Welcome, Yuichi. Nice to meet you too!


Can't wait to hear more about your blockchain work


Welcome to our great tech community!


Me too trying to switch.
Your story is inspirational.


Welcome everybody on Dev.to! I'm a french dev oriented Web, I created most bots on Discord and I updating all my projects.

I learn Ruby and Javascript, i started learn Gatsby last week!


Hi thomas i m new to dev.to and i m learning javascript.


Hi Anis i'm also new to dev.to and i'm equally learning JavaScript


🌿Hello, my name is Weiwei and I'm a newbie coder building a product a month with Javascript and no code tools!

I studied interaction design in college and realized that it's so much more fun if I can build out the design ideas that I have.


Welcome, Weiwei! Awesome idea! I am working on the same things, I started as a developer and am working on learning about interaction design and user experience!


Cool! I'm down to trade skills if you are open to it!

Otherwise, good luck! :)

Awesome! I am always down for a list of articles or books to read. Been reading through Refactoring UI and Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days for UX readings. Any other suggestions?

What sort of projects are you working on?

I really liked " the best interface is no interface". I think the best way to practice interface design is to make one a day, and try to expand on the interface by making all interfaces for an app/product. For experience design, diagrams are often a good way to map things out. See dubberly.com/articles/using-concep...

I'm working on a series of generators that are web-based. Like upload a photo and change the size of those photos or paragraph generators.

I will definitely dig into the recommended readings!

Let me know if you have any questions that are javascript related. Some recommended tools I have used in the past are Egghead.io, any courses by Wes Bos, or if you have specifics stack overflow. But a lot of learning to code is pushing through and practicing. Experiencing errors and reaching out for help when you get stuck! The projects you are working on sound like they will definitely be challenging and should be great for learning some important concepts!

Awesome. Thank you for your recommendations. :)


I'm an economist that does and teaches data analysis. I use mainly D, R, and Bash, with some Ruby, Perl and a few others mixed in as needed. I started programming in the 1980s on computers with 1K and 2K of RAM. At last count, I've used over 50 languages, and am a strong believer in functional programming.


Hello, I would love to learn a bit from you. Following :)


Hey all! I'm a full stack developer with over 8 years experience in consulting and working with SaaS based companies.

I work actively with Golang, AWS, GCP, and Typescript and absolutely love my work 😊.

Currently, I'm doing a bit of soul-searching to find a new project to build and profit from.


Hi Stephen! What sort of projects are you looking for? Any top driving interests that you'd like to find a foot hold in?


Preferably SaaS type offerings. I like working with products that help other developers do better at what they already do.

Ah, cool. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in marketplaces, privacy, and data ownership. I'm working on a data marketplace and data collection app that will be a Progressive Web App SaaS offering.


Welcome, Stephen! Let us know when your new project finds you!


Thank you!! I think the inspiration bug has hit me a few times this week 😛


Welcome, Stephen! Keep looking for that next project. It is always out there. Fill a need!



I'm been a web developer for ~12 years now and have been working full-time for 3 years now on my Open Source project Gatsby!

Love open source & web development & company building.


Welcome, I'll have a deeper look at your project, from the first sight it seems interesting!


Welcome folks!

After you introduce yourself here, feel free to drop a comment in this other discussion thread I just created:

Great to have you in the community.


Welcome to DEV! I'm attempting to learn Rust and Web Assembly, but have not quite made an effort yet... Also, I've been learning what it's like to build websites for your family. Not super fun, but it's probably a good introduction to building things for others.


I only joined so I could comment on this post:
but hey
I guess I'm here now so...

Who are the best women to follow in this community (in your opinion)? Not trying to get into a battle of the sexes but I've only ever worked with men and damn is it nice to read what my demographic is writing.


hola me gusta mucho esta comunidad y me uní por que me encanta estar conectada con gente que le apasiona lo mismo que a mi, la programación. Soy ingeniera en sistemas computacionales y actualmente estoy aprendiendo python, aunque me he dado cuenta que mi lógica de programación no anda muy bien así que también ando dándole duro a eso. Muchas gracias por aceptarme


Hola Nora, bienvenida. Contento de saber que también hay participación de habla hispana en dev.to


Hi guys! I'm Hendrik, I don't code, I write concepts. So I'm interested in various meta-topics rather than concrete programmers work. (But at least I manage to maintain my personal website on self-hosted WP basis…)
Any recommendations for followings?


Hello, community! I'm software engineer and researcher from Belarus.
I'm working in robotics and automation field. I love what I'm doing and my aim is to make robots more accessible and friendlier for people. I develop core libraries and
algorithms along with end-user applications.
My stack includes:
Python for high level applications, machine learning and research.
Java for robot's kernel.
C to interact with hardware.


Hi there!

I'm Kacper, currently living in Gdańsk, Poland. Self-thought programmer, graduated in Civil Engineering.

I'm working fully remotely as a full-stack engineer for the UK based startup. On a daily basis, I'm using React, Typescript, Ruby, and Elixir with a bit of Docker.

Recently, I've decided to resume working on my old side project (datamaps.co, github.com/caspg/datamaps.co). I'm planning to keep a dev log which will document my journey. I hope dev.to could be the right place for it.


Hello! I'm a Full Stack JS developer.

I love learning all about this universe so much that it's already my hobby :D

I have experience working with Laravel, NodeJS, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Ionic and other things, but I think my intention in this forum is to learn how other developers write their code, what stack they are using, what is the best architecture. for each project ... I have so many questions and I am sure that there are many developers with more experience here than me and maybe can give me advices about React, ReactNative, NodeJS good practices.
So Thanks a lot!


I am a newbie learning C# at university and everything else by myself. I must say that I am pretty lost. I have learned bit of HTML, JS, CSS because I wanted to make beautiful webapps and website, turned out I sucked big time in design. Now I am learning Java to start developing for Android and I hope to find a fried who has better eyes than I do :').


Hello everyone! I am a programmer from Canada. I primarily use NodeJS, Python, and C++/C# for development, and I sometimes dabble in game development.

(function() {
  console.log('Hello, DEV.to!')

Have a great day and thanks for reading my Welcome Thread post. <3


I'm BlueFox, from Brazil living in Montreal, Canada.

I am a software engineer at Bombardier with Java, Scala, some Python, Angular, React, Docker, and microservice stuff. I'm having fun learning other stuff like Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc.

I speak Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and some Italian. I love work out, and cook Brazilian bbq!

Nice to meet you all :)



I'm cath, a backend developer using PHP/ Laravel from Philippines. I have also started learning Python and Javascript just recently. Hope to learn something here and share as well. Nice to meet you all.


Hey y'all! Cheers from Texas! 👋 I'm a student at Launch School studying to be a Software Engineer. Right now I'm learning Ruby, then we'll move on to back-end development things and then to HTML/CSS, etc. I want to learn as much as I can outside of that too! The dev community has been lovely so far so I'm glad to be here 😁


Hi all! 👋 I'm Flor from Argentina. I've been working as an Applications Support Analyst my whole professional career and I started to learn to code a few months ago as I'm willing to change my career path. I'm also interested in UX and UI design. Nice to meet you all 😊


I'm Marvin,a newbie. I've been reading a couple of articles from dev.to and I've fallen for it. I do python scripting,a little of bash and I've gotten my way around some python for Data analysis. I'm excited to be here and look forward to interacting with these ever interesting minds as the posts I've read have proven. This is going to be cool.


Hi, everyone. I am a 3 years backend developer, I worked in a few project written in elixir-lang. And I always want to learn frontend skill, because it's a good way to express my idea. I found the JavaScript community is very large and friendly, and JS is a great script language to build a prove of concept. The new features in ES6 attracting me, I can write program in JS as the way I did in functional languages. Node.js is fun too. Happy to learning and sharing here.


Been a paid member of medium for a while, been wanting to leave, and one tweet made that possible.

I want to contribute my knowledge to the development community and definitely learn as well. Please follow me.


Hello everyone my name is Raquel. I am Portuguese leaving in Amsterdam. 😊 I am learning Frontend web developer so I Will glad ear from you, your tips, what to do you recommend to learn, you expertise in the field , anything that will help me to improve and be more active in the community.


Welcome Raquel! Feel free to ping the front end community with the #discuss and/or #help tag at any point you’re looking for input or answers.


Hey guys, I'm dineshkumar from Chennai, India. I'm working as a developer in tatacommunications. I'm using python, natural language processing, docker, microservices, etc., for building a cyber threat intelligence platform.

In my free time I'm building a honeypot and learning data science.


Hi everyone! I'm a front-end developer & ui/ux designer from New Jersey, USA.

I love creating interfaces in Sketch / InVision and then bringing them to life on the front-end. Passionate about CSS (I know, I know) and have been really digging into the newer features of ES6. Learning Vue has been really fun as well.

I play guitar in a death metal band, own a recording studio and I'm also an amateur photographer. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello, I am a computer science student not yet set on what kind of developer i want to be either frontend, backend or fullstack. Am still exploring my options.
Currently learning Python, Javascript and React. Am open to learning new things and love to challenge myself by learning new things


i'm shubham from jaipur (India) and working for a MNC company as a full stack developer. Mostly i was work on front end technology like React angular etc. in my future porject i will start to work on salesforce and angular.
In my free time i will play pubg but my squad member also discuss about technology in gaming chat it is helpfull for us to express our views and opinion on any thing.


Howdy all,

Just found this community today and it looks to be awesome. Congratulations to all for making it such a wonderful place.

I'm a Ruby developer, and I've been working with RubyOnRails for 15 years or so now (since v0.6 I think?). I'm in Perth, Australia, and I work as the only developer at a coffee roaster, building all the internal management systems. I've been at the same place for over 12 years now, and can't see any reason to move anywhere else 😀

I'm tinkering with Particle.io loggers to build environmental monitoring systems as a side gig.