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Discussion on: Speed up your queries with indexes

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William Gathoye • Edited

That execution plan sounds like a great feature especially as it is nicely expressed as time. This would allow me to check whether my schema is optimized for some SQL requests, or simply to see if the SQL request structures I use are not too time consuming (that would be fine for my lab assessment, good grades come in handy!).

Do you know if this is available in other DBMS? Even if you wrote Oracle users weren't lucky here, I tried to check for that DBMS (because we are forced to use Oracle at my university) and I wasn't able to find a solution as easy as with SQL Server (expressed as seconds). Any solution for MySQL/MariaDB? If that matter, I'm used to use the CLI, but also GUI tools like DBeaver and SQL Developer.

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Kasey Speakman

Been a while, but I used to get the query execution plan in MySQL by simply putting EXPLAIN in front of it. I believe the same keyword is used in Postgres as well.