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Monster Code: An application made with React, Ruby, SQLite, Sinatra and Active Record

In this blog one can get a more in depth analysis of the application my team made for our phase 3 project in the Flatiron School's software engineering bootcamp. React was used for the front end while Ruby, Active Record, Sinatra, and SQLite were used for the back end.

Application Overview

Front-End Login Page Overview

Front-End Level Page Overview

(update: When speaking about state "questionNum" in the "handleSubmit" function, I misspoke. What I should be saying is that we update the level if "questionNum === 2" because there are 3 questions and therefore indices 0-2. At the moment you submit the question with an index of 2 the level will be updated.

Front-End High Score Page Overview

Additional Thoughts On React

Backend Overview

To checkout the code more in depth, below are the links to the front and back end repos on Git Hub.

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