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What The CSS?!
What The CSS?!

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What the CSS?! - A 30 Day CSS Course

What We're About

What the CSS?! is a 30 day course that teaches the fun, tricky, and practical parts of CSS! You will receive quirky daily exercises, unique challenges and even test your skills working with a demanding client. The course includes more than 50 fun themed exercises and challenges that can serve as awesome pieces for your portfolio.

Our Story

'Three images of the team, one at a coffee shop looking at laptops, one of three team members posing on a mountain top in Virginia, one of four team members sitting at a picnic table'

Our team is a Washington, DC based group of quirky creatives that have a genuine love for web development.

We are three coding bootcamp grads and one clutch graphic designer taking on the challenge of making CSS more approachable and fun, even for those that declare β€œI can’t CSS!”.

Creating the Course

'Three versions of the What the CSS?! website homepage'

We've LOVED working with CSS from the start, but frequently met developers who did not 😦! After building a ton of fun CSS projects, our co-founder, Brittany pitched the idea of creating an entertaining yet educational CSS course to give CSS its lucky break.


'Three images, two of working at laptops in a coffee shop, one of powerpoint projection showing DC Design Week presentation'

As a team of two we soon realized a larger team of enthusiastic developers was absolutely necessary!

In 2017, our graphic designer joined the team. An impromptu chat on illustrations at a design event brought much needed imagination, leading to the development of the What the CSS?! brand. In early 2019, our newest web developer, also agreed to hop on board.

With our team in place, we were able to finish building out the curriculum, a new website, mascots, and much more; to infinity and beyond!

Our Brand

'Portrait of mascots (a flamingo, a bulldog, a black cat, a fox and a bunny) wearing clothing and the What the CSS?! logo (a circle with a question mark and an exclamation point)'

From comic book inspired logos to hot air balloons and animals, our brand has gone through many iterations since our founding.

In addition to the visual elements, we’ve added a few personal touches! Music playlists and themed challenges introduce you to different view points and subjects, including curated resources designed primarily by creatives underrepresented in tech.

We hope our final branding, fun animal mascots, bright colors, and a playful feel, compliments the personality of the course. Enjoy!

The course is set to launch this fall, so head over to our website to sign up for updates.

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