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Project setup (XUMM PHP SDK)

2. Project setup

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The tutorial project has a little script that will use the SDK as a dependency. Right now, it returns a
Hello World response. Let's run it in our terminal:

php ./start.php   # Start server listening to port 8080 
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You should now see Hello World. Great! Any time you make changes to your project during this tutorial, you'll run the
script to see the changes.

2.1 Include the SDK

Use composer to add the XUMM PHP SDK as a dependency to your project:

composer require xrpl/xumm-sdk-php
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2.2 Add your credentials

Note: this is the only part that won't be included in the code solution of this chapter, as everybody's credentials are

Assign the credentials you created in
Step 1
to the XUMM_API_KEY and XUMM_API_SECRET environment variables (be aware you need to do this on every new terminal

export XUMM_API_KEY="{your API key}"
export XUMM_API_SECRET="{your API secret}"
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2.3 Use the XUMM SDK

In start.php, include composer's autoload file at the top of the script, so that your script can find the XummSdk

require_once './vendor/autoload.php';
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Now instantiate the XummSdk. It will source your credentials from the environment variables you set in step 2.2.
To test the SDK, call XummSdk::ping and show the application name.

$sdk = new \Xrpl\XummSdkPhp\XummSdk();
$pong = $sdk->ping();
echo "Application name: " . $pong->application->name
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Now when you run your script your should see:

Application name: {your app name}
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🎉 It works!

Next: 3. Your first payload


Credits: thank you Pauline!

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