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Will Cheung
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Twilio Hackathon: Shared (to-do, grocery) lists between friends, family, and businesses

My first post on, and fist ever hackathon!

I'm a tinkerer and builder, and I went as far as founding + raising money for a startup via one project. Moreover, I believe the future of business communications is evolving from websites (2000s), to mobile apps (2010s), and to text/chat (2020s). This is my first time playing with Twilio API in depth and I'm excited to dig in.

What I'm going to build

I started out brainstorming an ambitious project of text/chat for local businesses to interact with consumers, so businesses don't have to invest in costly websites/mobile apps to go digital (think restaurants take-outs, coffee shops order-aheads). Especially in covid-19 world, local businesses are even more dependent on take-outs via phone, deliveries, and "non-physical" channels.

However, the project has been reduced in scope to a simple to-do or grocery list for this hackathon. This will serve as a platform for anything that requires a list, like menu items, order list, grocery list, etc.

MVP features:

  • Sign up
  • Add items
  • Remove items
  • Show items
  • Manage multiple lists
  • Share/collaborate list with friends/family (if time allows)
  • (Edit 4/29): Invite via vcard / MMS

Category Submission:

Exciting X-Factors

Demo Link

Text "hi" to 616.344.5566

Edit (4/13): Deployed to AWS EBS and "hi" in the cloud! Do note that EBS is a bit janky with Rails 6, so I wrestled with it a bit. Might go with a container next time.

Edit (4/18): All commands on screens below should work. Looking forward to some feedback!


Link to Code

Edit (4/20): Code includes Rails 6 app and Twilio Studio Flow exports. Setup instructions in README.

How I built it

My current stack:

  • Twilio SMS API
  • Twilio Studio Flow + API
  • Rails 6
  • Postgres 12

I had planned to use AWS Lambda instead of Rails, but struggled to get Ruby running on Lambda and talking to RDS. Having built my last startup in Rails, I'm able to get a Rails app running 100x faster than Lambda :). Also, I get flexibility to create a UI if needed.

Additional Resources/Info

Edit (4/14):
I ran into a few limitations (features?) with Studio Flow.

  • Studio Flow only allows one flow tied to one (to many) phone number(s). This means I cannot "modularize" and create multiple flows based on trigger keywords. For example, I'd like "Add" to trigger one flow, and "Remove" to trigger another.
  • I also discovered the value of Send & Wait for Reply widget in Studio. While I attempted to ditch Studio altogether, I thought it was quite a bit of work to build capabilities that saves a state of a request and wait for x hours to pick up the workflow. Edit (4/23): Pro tip: State can be maintained by using cookies!
  • Because of the first limitation, I either have to build a single Flow that has 5+ branches (more when I want to expand on trigger keywords), or I have to handle the trigger keywords parsing myself. Good thing is that I can trigger a Flow via REST API, so I went with handling my own keyword-trigger management.

Edit (4/18): Just posted a second post with more details on managing Flows.

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bernardbaker profile image
Bernard Baker

A very interesting concept. Have you thought about the user journeys and drawn a diagram of the user flowing through your application? I'd really like to see that 🌞.

willcheung profile image
Will Cheung

Working on a simple user flow. Will update this post soon!

willcheung profile image
Will Cheung

@bernard - here's my follow up post on user flows. Let me know if this is what you're expecting.