How to scale integration testing?

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In integration situations, each bit of code a designer submits triggers a form cycle. The outline of stages gets obscured, and everything appears to happen together. What does mix testing mean in this specific situation, and where does it fit into the procedure?

Run combination tests until something falls flat

Figure out what should be included or adjusted

Drill down into unit testing

Return to incorporation testing once your unit tests pass

Rehash the procedure until your tests pass end to end.

Procedure to scale integration testing

The accompanying accepted procedures should help you as you continued looking for a smoother constant coordination process.

  1. Do integration testing before unit testing

For the vast majority of us, this thought is unreasonable. We've been trained that the later you find a deformity in the improvement cycle, the more costly it is to fix. We attempt to get all the subtleties consummated before proceeding onward to the "huge things," like combination testing.

  1. Try not to test business rationale with reconciliation testing

That is the thing that unit tests are for. Mistaking unit tests for mix tests can have disparate outcomes on the time it takes to run your test suite. Unit tests are commonly exceptionally quick, so they are run for each form activated in the CI condition.

  1. Know why coordination testing is unique in relation to unit testing

  2. Keep your testing suites independent

Joining tests ought not to be run along with unit tests. Engineers taking a shot at the particular business rationale in the code must have the option to run unit tests and get close quick input to guarantee that they haven't broken anything before submitting code.

  1. Log broadly

A unit test has a particular extension and tests an exceptionally little bit of your application, so when it comes up short, it's generally very straightforward why and fix the issue. Mix tests are very extraordinary.

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