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Discussion on: What headphone(s) do you use when coding?

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Will Lawrence

I currently use the Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

I am really happy with my purchase. I was looking for a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. While they are expensive and I probably could have gotten something better at a lower price if I had done more research, I am very happy with these headphone and will probably get another pair when the time comes.

The biggest feature that I like is the integrated controls. I tend to put my phone in my drawer when I am working, so I like being able to control volume from the headset.

Also, the battery life has been stellar, and I only charge them every few days.

I also use AirPods. I love how portable they are and how good they are for taking calls. I tend to use them if I am working in coffee shop because they are lower profile, and I am less worried about them getting snatched.

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Bartholomew Allen Author

That's awesome! Now part of me will feed my addiction and try to buy these pair of headphones because I've heard so much good things about them. Also one of the major selling points on these headphones is comfort which they beat the Sony's by a alot considering that they are decently comfortable for a few hours or wear.