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Surveys as a Marketing Tool

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. - Seth Godin

A beverage major launched a short but interesting campaign across social media platforms with regards to a recently released flavored drink from its product portfolio. The campaign, unlike, most others had an interesting take – it was nothing but a simple survey of 5 easy-to-answer questions aimed at understanding consumer behavior and reception of their newly launched product. To make it even more enticing, all participants were awarded a coupon upon survey completion. The coupon code could be used to get a 50% discount on the next purchase of any beverage from the beverage major’s portfolio of products. Interesting isn’t it?

The result?

A whopping success!

The campaign resulted in 1,000s of participants from across geographies with teens contributing to more than 70% of the surveyed lot. The beverage major had lots of feedback and lots of interesting insights to take home.

Busy-busy marketing world out there!

We are part of a very chaotic and dynamic business world. A world where things happen at the speed of thought and consumer decisions change at the drop of a hat. It’s a tough world out there, for marketers. Though "Marketing" seems more fashionable in comparison to other corporate functions such as finance, the job only gets complex as you move higher up in the marketing line. From overseeing day-to-day promotional campaigns to having an astute eye on the bigger picture – your role as a marketer only gets diverse and challenging.

At BlockSurvey, we understand all of that and more.

So, we went a step ahead to build something to make your job easier – a set of very curated and customized survey forms as "Templates".

Our survey forms and polls help you gain interesting and yet useful insights into the consumer’s mindset, just like the one used by the beverage major in the aforementioned example did. From consumer behavior patterns to consumer perceptions of your brand, BlockSurvey forms help gather rich and unique insights.

We create short, interesting and compelling surveys that entice participants to take part and come up with the best possible and most authentic feedback.

Blocksurvey enhances Marketing.

Our survey forms play a pivotal role in enhancing the marketing function.

Trustable - Because our survey forms ensure anonymity and privacy. Anonymity because we believe in the philosophy of obtaining genuine feedback from data providers.

And private because we really care about what happens to your data collected. With BlockSurvey, you own your data and only you can see it. Not anyone and not even us. By this you are building trust with the data providers and your intentions with the data is clear.

Authentic – Authentic or honest feedback from customers is but a natural by-product of anonymity and privacy that BlockSurvey provides. Authentic is a treasure, it is hard to come by these days and organizations would benefit in immeasurable terms when they can gather authentic feedback.

Low cost – A survey by Market Research firm Attest says that 26% of businesses surveyed do not gauge the market before they launch a new product or service and 21% of them cannot afford market surveys. Offline and phone-based surveys can be stretching the marketing budgets which is why BlockSurvey surveys are even more essential. We hardly create a dent on the marketing budget.

Use Case #1 - Feedback and Brand positioning

Imagine the exciting ways an organization can make use of the digital medium to promote its brand(s) and gather customer insights?

BlockSurvey takes conducting market research to an altogether different level. Take this use case as an example – BlockSurvey creates interesting and yet easy-to-use survey forms which can double up as feedback forms and promo tools at one go!

These short and interesting survey forms can be floated across social media platforms enticing users to participate. While participants can be lured with goodies or credit points, organizations have the benefit of obtaining some very authentic feedback on their products/services. Authentic because, BlockSurvey polls and surveys come with the twin advantages of being – anonymous and private.

Organizations can end up even positioning their brands in a way that appeals to their respective demographics. For example, a few questions can be subtly laid out in a manner that prompts participants to build the desired image of the brand.

Use Case#2 – Building Strategy

We also customize survey forms to help organizations gather customer feedback that can help create better products/services or add additional features to existing products. All of this, done in a very innovative and quick-paced manner that creates time advantage for organizations.

Marketers and decision-makers can now come up with products that will have the approval of the larger customer segment thereby making it a successful launch.


Keeping the customer at the center of marketing is one of the ways to build customer branding. Surveys and polls help you build rapport with the customer. Customers of today are more likely to spend money with a brand that they feel they are connected to. Understanding the way customers think and feel drives outcomes always. BlockSurvey is here to help in this customer engagement through marketing by understanding customers, assessing competition, innovative campaigns, giveaways, contests, validating new ideas, and building out new strategies.

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