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Top 07 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

Windy Digital is Vietnam’s Leading Mid-size Software Outsourcing Company that has been established in 2015.
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For quite a long time, software technology was no longer an unfamiliar concept. Instead, software emerged and interfered quite deeply in many areas of the profession, many aspects of the life of society – or so to each of us. The importance and great role of software need to be clearly and concretely recognized so that we can come up with the right moves to stimulate business, deliver better customer experiences and improve profitability – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has been extremely complicated worldwide to date.

Obviously, if you wish to have quality software that can work on everything in the right way, the biggest advice for you from the very first step of that idea is: try to research and find out a software development team/company that is best suited (with both the budget and the expertise required by you). Obviously, no choice is absolutely perfect, however, choosing the right and careful right from the start will save a lot of time, budget, and effort for both your business and your business. service delivery partner.

So, if you are looking to go to a region or country to do software product development outsourcing on a budget, Asia – especially Vietnam, is the perfect destination for all of your requests. And here, let’s look through top software product development companies in Vietnam to get a clearer view of our decision.

The relationship between Software Product and our modern life
How to understand Software Product in the simplest way
In a nutshell, software development is a set of interrelated processes and workflows, such as conceptualization, planning, framework definition, and related platforms, programming, testing, developing MVP (according to customer needs), handing over, expanding, and updating. Software development requires expertise in computer programming and is performed by a software programmer or software engineer.

There are two types of software, namely general-purpose and tailor-made. General-purpose software is used by any identified customer audience, can be downloaded to the device, and used without limitation, such as Microsoft Word, Uber, and video games. Tailor-made software is made for a very specific task, often unique to one person or a company, and often not usable elsewhere.

Therefore, depending on the purpose of use and individual needs, each business will probably need to equip its own application and software product to serve the best possible business. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world have been acting for a better scenario for serving customers and going into the battle of developing their own brand – business a suitable software product.

Software product – an indispensable piece of today’s society
Not only playing an important role, but software has also now gradually changed the landscape of our lives. It’s easy to realize that, right? Take a simple example of watching movies, listening to music. We do not simply turn on records or tune TV channels, we now have Netflix, Spotify, SoundCloud … and hundreds of other entertainment applications and services used via smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers … Or more distant, the role of the software product is also shown in the fields of manufacturing, delivery, or even the military. With key importance, deciding on the security, accuracy, and convenience for people, software products are also gradually being improved and developed more brilliantly every day to continuously bring superior values in human beings’ modern life.

Take a quick look back to the economy from years ago, with repetitive jobs that are quite boring like controlling orders from warehouse, accounting, managing human resources … or for jobs with nature dangerous, requiring extremely high concentration and accuracy beyond human power such as manufacturing, bridges, roads, space, cars … It would be easy for us to see how the world has improved today with the help of machines, equipment, smart robots, wonderful software. Well, not everything is perfect but in some particular ways, many areas of work are getting easier and faster, right?

Vietnam – the ideal destination for fair Software product development
It is no coincidence that Vietnam is affectionately referred to by Forbes as “a small but mighty country”, and it is not simply that this country was chosen to become one of the top ideal destinations for software development outsourcing, and especially software product development. The Vietnamese government has recognized the potential to be seen as a global leader in software development – looking beyond the “world conference” possibilities and instead, building a solid foundation for its successful technology.

Good English proficiency
Vietnamese people can learn English relatively easily thanks to Vietnamese which uses the same Latin alphabet as English, which helps. English is the second most popular language in the country and most Vietnamese university graduates are fluent in English. Therefore, most IT staff in Vietnam can communicate easily in English when working on outsourced projects.

Stable economic development
The Vietnamese government aims to shift from low-tech production to a service-oriented economy, the information technology (IT) market of Vietnam attracts more and more interested international customers; thereby creating attraction and competition for IT companies in China and India. This is in part encouraged by Vietnam’s growth as a regional market for domestic businesses and global technology providers.

Vast talent pool
With a young and dynamic labor force and still highly capable of dedication, Vietnam confidently promotes education and develops the field of software technology. Especially when the Vietnamese Government has been investing in the development of advanced technical skill sets such as AI and cybersecurity, Vietnam has gradually asserted its responsiveness to the technology industry in the world, becoming one of the most trusted offshore software outsourcing destinations.

Below is the list of top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam including Windy Digital:

Top 7 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam
And as I said at the beginning of this post, before making the final decision on choosing the right partner to get the best product, we should think carefully about the profile, the successful products – the best as well as customer reviews of which teams provide the technology. And hereinafter, these 5 prominent names will partly help bring a more comprehensive view of top software product development companies in Vietnam:

FPT Software
As a leading technology service provider, FPT supports customers of all sizes and from all industries in digital technology deployment and adaptation. The series of customers who have found and successfully collaborated with FPT Software is, it can be said, a fairly long list of many different key areas in the world.

Not only bringing many quality software technology products, but FPT Software also provides world-class services in Smart Factory, Digital Platform, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobilization, Cloud, AR / VR, Embedded Systems, Managed Services … and many more globally from delivery centers across the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, and the Asia Pacific.

Since its establishment in 2012, 8 years have passed with great success and a team of amazing talent, Rikkeisoft has tried to successfully carry out many projects for its Japanese customers. In addition, every step of Rikkeisoft has the enthusiastic orientation of the Executive Board of Rikkeisoft, including experienced leaders with global thinking. All of their direct departments are tech-savvy and customer considerate, making it possible for them to quickly devise solutions and services for their customers

CO-WELL is the gathering place for more than 400 experts and engineers working in Tokyo and Miyazaki (Japan), Hanoi and Da Nang (Vietnam). As one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam providing software development solutions for the Japanese market and Japanese standard services for the Vietnamese market, CO-WELL confidently can solve customers’ problems. products in various fields, such as Global Software Development, E-Commerce Solutions, AR-VR Services, Cloud Integration…

Groove Technology
Established in 2016 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a dedicated team of up to 250 young and passionate members, Groove Technology is considered a pioneer – paving the way for advanced software technology production, high-quality, including advanced software development services through a unique, integrated resource model, Groove Technology helps smart businesses maximize opportunities, ensure the well-being of the people. members and increase profits.

Agile Tech
In the 5-year journey, AgileTech has implemented more than 100 projects in a variety of industries from e-commerce, tourism, fintech to business management, social media, and more. AgileTech has been known and considered as a high-quality outsourcing company in Website Development, Mobile Applications, Blockchain Services, AI Services – Big Data.

With talented IT resources, the company has built a wide range of products and become a technical partner for international startups with millions of dollars in investment.

Windy Digital
Over the past 5 years of operation in Vietnam, Windy Digital has provided outstanding IT outsourcing services to many groups of customers from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Singapore. Windy Digital’s dynamic team of members includes developers, designers, QA, testers, and project managers.

Besides, during the establishment and development of the business, Windy Digital has successfully developed nearly 100 projects related to mobile application development, web design development services, portal development, and services.

S3 Corp
S3Corp is one of the prominent software development service providers in the Vietnamese market with a global reach. S3 Corp employs a team of scalable talent with extensive experience in the outsourcing industry along with adopting proven processes and standards, providing clients with diverse software services.

Their services range from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, test automation tool development, maintenance and inspection support services, and more.

Addressing the unique challenges of your business with software product development is the key to realizing your business objectives and scaling up. These companies, including Saigon Technology, have a proven track record and sound portfolios that position them at the top of Vietnam’s software product development industry.

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