Beta testers needed: New feature in elm-live

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I just released a beta for elm-live that adds the ability to pass multiple arguments to the --before-build and --after-build flags. Would love some people to test it out and let me know what they think!

Install: npm install elm-live@beta [--save-dev]

This opens up the ability to chain multiple scripts into a script file that takes arguments, or make an npm script that chains different commands.

elm-live src/Main.elm --before-build="npm run things" --after-build=" --flag"
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Do I need to use Elm 0.19? Because I'm currently using Elm 0.18 for educative purposes. There are not so much material for the 0.19th version.


Yeah, this feature only works for the elm-live version for 0.19.

What do you mean there is not a lot of material for 0.19? In elm-live docs or general elm docs? Would love to help you find the material you are looking for! 😊


I don't mean docs. I mean books and video courses.
Well, I'm going to use 0.19 for sure just a little bit later. When I finish reading and watching what I started.

Ah, gotcha. I do know that Richard Feldman did a pretty comprehensive workshop covering 0.19 both intro and advanced concepts if you are interested:

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