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WordPress needs a front end framework

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The complexity of websites is growing exponentially and Wordpress is not immune. Although commonly thought of as a blogging platform, the company I work for and thousands of other use it for so much more.

The Missing Link

Frameworks, tools, and even new languages have been created to help manage the complexity. However, WordPress does not have a story around how these new tools fit into developing for their platform. That is what I want to help fix.

That being said, I want to bring Elm into the WordPress community the right way. How do you justify Elm when working with a system that is so ingrained in how not only the backend is written, but the frontend as well? Is there even a case for building WordPress sites and applications with Elm? Obviously, I think the answer is yes, but I want to learn and share more about what that system looks like.

So, what's the plan?

That's a good question. The only plan I have right now is to use my experience in WordPress and Elm to start exploring intersections where these two technologies support each other. Aka, I am just going start building and see where it takes me.

The more the merrier

There are plenty of more experienced WordPress or Elm developers out there, and hopefully doing this in the open will encourage help from those who see this and are passionate about bring these two worlds together like I am!

Right now the plan is very fluid and will be changing along the way. I hope to give updates and provide breakthroughs. Also, there might be research/feedback that will need input from the broader community.

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