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Almond Automation is codeless web functional testing tool based on selenium grid.

It is free and open source. It provides UI to create testcase and run those testcases on selenium grid.

You can then view status and screenshot of each step of testcase.

Almond Automation provides following feature

  1. UI to create and run testcase.
  2. You can manage multiple projects from single UI.
  3. You can run testcase on any environment.
  4. Create TestSuite.
  5. Support for modular testcase. No need to change many testcases because of change in one field etc.
  6. Verify execution of testcase easily in UI. View screenshot of each step of testcase.
  7. It is created keeping maintenance of testcase at most priority.
  8. QA and Dev both can create testcase easily. Dev can run complete testsuite on his/her machine before pushing build to QA environment.

Support for macros to run same testcase with different values.
Please visit Almond Automation for complete documentation.

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Oh great to hear about these codeless automation tools. Does it work the same as a marketing automation tool? Are there any risks using it? I would really appreciate it if you tell me it can be used for running campaigns?