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5 Best Web Hosting Providers In 2020

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Want to take your business online?

Searching how?

Don’t wander anymore, as you will find the answer to your questions here. Web hosting is the thing that will help you to take your business, website, pages, etc on the web.

Now you may befall into the confusion of choosing the correct web hosting for you. Keeping this thought in mind I have compiled a list of the 5 best web hosting providers in 2020.

Let’s begin –

1) GoDaddy: Best Web Hosting Company
Godaddy is the best option to start a small online business. Web hosting plans through affiliate links on Godaddy can get you web hosting for your website for as low as a dollar a month!

There is no better option than Godaddy if you are expecting not much traffic and lesser space than that provided on other web hosting companies on the list. cPanel makes customization easy and is very well organized.

There are downsides like frustrating support staff and offered technical specifications. Up-time is value for the dollar well spent!

Pricing –
GoDaddy offers many pricing plans for its customers –

Web Hosting Plan – It cost ₹99/month, this is the most budget-friendly shared hosting plan you will ever get.

WordPress Hosting Plan – For this plan, you have to pay ₹99/month. The main role of this plan is to provide ease and speed

Business Hosting Plan – This is the most powerful plan, that charges ₹1159/month.

Reseller Hosting Plan – You can sell hosting, start at ₹1,999.00/mo

VPS Hosting Plan – The plan costs ₹439/month, best for private servers.

Dedicated Server Plan – This is the most powerful and controlled hosting plan offered by GoDaddy. It charges ₹8,839/mo.

2) HostGator: Best Website Hosting Provider
One of the finest web hosting service provider in the market today. The service offers everything from domain names selection to nominal hosting plans. Here you will find everything required to set up a website.

Attributes –
Unmetered Disk Space & Bandwidth
Lightning Fast India Servers
24×7 Technical Support
Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
45-day Money Refund Guarantee
Pricing –
Now can simply start by paying ₹99/month. Want to be more specified then here are more plans –

For .com domain registration, the starting cost is ₹779/year.
If you go with the shared hosting plan then you have to pay ₹99/month.
For VPS hosting the initial cost is ₹699/month.
For dedicated service, it charges ₹6289/month (For High-traffic Websites).

  1. DreamHost: Best Web Hosting Site DreamHost the top-most web hosting service, which has been providing its service for more than 18 years. It has 400k+ happy customers and has hosted more than 1.5 million websites.

Attributes –
Commitment to Security
Embrace Open Source
100% Uptime Guaranteed
Employee Owned
24/7 Support
Pricing –
WordPress Hosting Plan – The starting cost of this plan is $2.59/month, with it you will get optimized performance, easy maintenance, configuration for the website.

Website Hosting Plan – It charges $2.59/mo. and offers free domain name, email hosting, SSD storage for the website.

VPS Hosting Plan – It charges $10/month with fast SSD and HTTP/2 flexibility, Nginx, Ubuntu, IPv6, Node.js, and more.

WP Website Builder – Just pay $2.59/mo. and design your website with no coding knowledge required.

Dedicated Hosting Plan – This plan charges $169/month with 100% uptime guarantee.

Cloud Hosting Plan – For this, you have to pay $0.0075/hour. It offers SSD storage, root access, and fast networking.

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