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Using an iMac 27" from 2015, running macOS 10.15 "Catalina". Primary IDE is Eclipse 2019-09 with the Java SE 13 patch, and Java SE 13 as the runtime. Behind the scenes is the Terminal with zsh and oh-my-zsh providing shell access. Also leveraging Homebrew to keep Java up to date.


Great machine, have you tried intellij?


I have, but cannot get away from Eclipse because of two things: an unused code finder plugin and my inability to understand how to use IntelliJ IDEA correctly.

Intellij has a unused code finder built in, I think it is by far the best IDE out there and worth learning, good proof of this is amazon, one of my friends works there, they all used eclipse and my friend used intellij and eventually got the entire company to switch over, because everyone loved it. my point is, intellij rocks

I have heard good things about IntelliJ. I clearly need to learn how to use it, then! Thanks for the friendly nudge.

VSC is great too, but I've never tried using it for Java before. Any tips you have on that front are welcome!

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