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🤯 Ultra List: One List to Rule Them All. Aug, '19

Hey hey hey, I'm back with the 6th installment of Ultra List! Last month has been so hectic, but I wouldn't miss this for anything. I know you guys love the resources. 😉

Let me start with the regular stuff first. There's plenty to show this month. I have an open-source project we released in August that I want to show you guys as well, so stick around until the end!

Freebies 🎁

First things first! Let's explore the free stuff. Enjoy, and don't forget to thank the makers! 💝


Fonts are such an important part of design, much more so than most people seem to realize. So let me share some cool, free fonts I found in August.

1. Oliver by Freebiesbug 👉🏼 Link

2. Blisk Rhythm by Suthi Srisopha 👉🏼 Link

3. Mobstex by Shohail Bhuian 👉🏼 Link

4. Camar Vintage by Pixel Buddha 👉🏼 Link


Icons have personalities of their own, and they can often make or break your design, so it's super important to pick the right ones. Here are some awesome icon packs for you to explore!

1. Money Vector Icons Set by Pixel Buddha 👉🏼 Link

2. Future Business Icon Pack by Photo3idea Studio
👉🏼 Link

3. Fintech Icon Pack by Becris
👉🏼 Link


Here are some more great resources that I couldn't put anywhere else. The second one is my favorite; So useful!

1. Free & Open Source Gatsby Themes by LekoArts 👉🏼 Link

2. 20 Free Generators Free Generators for Web Designers and Developers 👉🏼 Link

3. Portuguese Geometric Patterns by Pixel Buddha 👉🏼 Link

4. Avant UI Avant UI is a development toolkit based on Bootstrap Framework. 👉🏼 Link

5. Lazy Kit A new design system for developing with less effort. 👉🏼 Link

VS Code Stuff 👩🏻‍💻

Yep, can't skip this section. My love for VS Code knows no bounds. Here's some cool stuff you can do with VS Code!

1. Color Manager Color picker and color palette 👉🏼 Link

2. CSS to MDN 👉🏼 Link

3. Blueberry Banana 👉🏼 Link


Here are some standalone products I recently discovered that I found really cool.

1. Verby Free text to speech converter. 👉🏼 Link

2. ISOMETRIC Free isometric illustrations for designers,
startups and companies. 👉🏼 Link

3. PostWoman API request builder 👉🏼 Link
This launched recently and got a lot of attention on ProductHunt as well!

4. Color Palette Generator Create Beautiful Color Schemes that work.
👉🏼 Link

Libraries 🗃

Now here's something to add a little magic to your projects! ✨

1. extra.css A CSS Houdini library for making your site a little more #extra. 👉🏼 Link

2. Lottie Lottie is a library for Android, iOS, Web, and Windows that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile and on the web! 👉🏼 Link

3. Marked A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed. 👉🏼 Link

Guides/Cheatsheets 📓

Finally, here are some guides and cheatsheets to make your life easy.

1. Writing a Simple MVC App in Plain JavaScript 👉🏼 Link

2. Scope in JavaScript

3. Regex For Noobs 👉🏼 Link

From Team XenoX 🔥

1. Brogrammer We released Brogrammer recently. Long working hours make it hard to beat a sedentary lifestyle and stay fit. I can empathize with people who do a lot of sedentary work and have very little time in their daily schedules to exercise. I've been there myself, and it's very easy to spiral down into very unhealthy patterns 🙇🏻‍♂️.

Brogrammer is meant to help you break these patterns and squeeze mini workouts into your busy routines. 🏃‍♂️ It's as easy as clicking a button, and the web-app will keep sending you alerts 📢 every once in a while to perform a random exercise for x duration or y number of repetitions. If you want more control, just create your own challenge and set parameters like type of exercises, level of difficulty, frequency of alerts, and more. And the best part? This is open source 🥳🎉🎉 , just like all of the other stuff Team Xenox 🔥 has released so far this year.

So if you have any cool feature ideas in mind, don't wait for anyone else to add them. Just build them yourself! 🛠

You can check out the web-app here. 👉🏼 Link

Note: I want to state this very explicitly that this is no substitute for a healthy work-life balance and a routine that doesn't drive you crazy. Eat well, maintain good sleeping habits, and exercise regularly. And use this app for those days when you can't manage to go to the gym.

But we didn't forget about the feedback!

When the product went live, we also published a short post about it here on DEV.

We received a lot of feedback about how the product came across. Many of you told us that while the idea was neat, the imagery and name made it look exclusive to men, which wasn't our intention at all. We would like to rectify that. And so, we've decided to change its name to BrogrammHer. How do you guys feel about this? You can let me know in the comments.

You can also vote on this in our Telegram channel! Come join us for awesome dev content delivered straight to you daily! 👉🏼 Link

Telegram Channel

One More Thing!

Have you guys checked out the XenoX Multiverse yet?
If you like our work, join our team and unleash the power of open-source development with us. 💪 It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a veteran, everyone is welcome. Check out how to join below!

GitHub logo teamxenox / XenoXMultiverse

🔥🚀 XenoX Assemble !!

XenoX Multiverse

We're making things official with the beginning of XenoX Multiverse. Team XenoX started as my dream, just a small team of devs working on open-source projects for the fun of it. But over the months, it has grown bigger and stronger. So with this, I want to formally announce the Team XenoX open source initiative. This is where the master list of all the projects and all the devs collaborating on XenoX will live.

If you want to be an Open Source Hero too, just write your name and you're in and start contributing!

How to join the Team? 💪🏼

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Add your name to this file.
  3. Submit a pull request.

That's it. You're all set. Someone from the team will contact you and formally welcome you to the team. Cheers!

The Team


Okay, that's it for this time, guys. Hope you enjoyed this. See you in the next post! If you loved this post, share it with your friends and family who could benefit from this. If you want to include something of your own in the next post, DM me at @sarthology on Twitter. Or if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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dzhavat profile image
Dzhavat Ushev

Nice list! I'm the creator of the CSS to MDN extension. Thanks for including it! 🙏

I released another one just a few days ago. It allows you to open a flexbox cheatsheet inside VS Code. It'd be great if you can share it in your September list 😋

jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter

Totally off-topic: how did you make the table of contents portion? I've looked around and can't figure out the markdown syntax 😅

daydreamjesse profile image
Jesse Robertson

Here's a link to the DEV editor guide, it has all the syntax you need for anything you want to do when writing a post:

jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter

Hmm I've actually read that and didn't find anything that looks like the table that you have at the start of this post... Maybe I'm missing something?

Thread Thread
daydreamjesse profile image
Jesse Robertson

Oh wait yeah now that I'm looking at it again it's because it's a series. When you make a post, you have the ability to add it to a series of posts, all of which will have that table at the beginning of it

Thread Thread
jwkicklighter profile image
Jordan Kicklighter

Woah, I've never noticed that! Thanks :)

ahmedsomaa profile image
Ahmed Somaa

Great List. Thanks!

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma


thbp profile image
The Half Blood Prince

Link for Money Vector Icon Set seems to point to Oliver font.

mornir profile image
Jérôme Pott

Love it! Thanks!

(link from "Writing a Simple MVC App in Plain JavaScript" is pointing to the wrong page, I think it should link to

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma

Thanks for pointing out man

remibruguier profile image

Great List, I actually bookmarked a bunch of these.
I also installed that Blueberry Banana theme, it's neat. I'll give it a try for a few days.

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma

That great 😊

joelvarty profile image
Joel Varty

Fantastic list! 👍

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma

Thanks Joel.

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

I'm happy that Postwoman made it to the Ultra List 🔥✨

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma

We are happy that you made this in the first place. 😊😊❤️