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I maintain my small blog, where I post my code adventure and my experiences, which I gather at work: My blog. The blog was made with React and GatsbyJS and its hosted on Netlify with a git pipeline behind it to deploy new articles.


Hey! I love Gatsby! I don't think you need the gradient. I think it looks cleaner all grey! I would also make the links at the bottom clearer. Maybe use icons or add spacing! Cool blog!


Cool, this is a little different from a portfolio, but I would make it so the logo and the gradient coordinate. Maybe make the logo purple too? Also, the links on the bottom confused me a little, maybe add icons or spacing!


I was recently considering redoing my current Jekyll portfolio site with a very similar stack, mostly to provide myself with a reason to become more familiar with React.

How has your experience been with it so far?


I think the hardest part for me was to start developing. If you are already familiar with React, then learning Gatsby is not that hard at all. But for me, it was the beginning with React. It was pretty confusing to start writing React-specific code... And it still is. :)

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