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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of April 2019)

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Xing Wang • Edited

Moesif | Frontend Engineer & ML/Data Engineer | San Francisco, CA | OnSite

About Moesif

Moesif is the most advanced API analytics platform used by data-driven teams at FOX, DHL, PowerSchool, Rev, Act-On, and thousands of other companies for understanding how customers really use APIs and automating the debug the customer problems. We're founded by University of Michigan and MIT engineers and backed by same investors behind Amplitude, Periscope Data, Cruise Automation, etc.. We have actual customers, revenue, and a whole lot of data. We are actively hiring strong engineers with a deep passion in the intersection of APIs and AI.

Here are some of our perk:

  • Free catered lunch with vegetarian, glutten free options.
  • Competitive Salary.
  • Macbook
  • Stock options.

About the Roles:

Backend/ML Engineer

We're looking for a mid to senior Machine Learning/Data engineer (4+ years professional experience a must). You'll have a large influence in product architecture and roadmap early on. Note: This is NOT a data scientist position and production development will be expected, but helpful to have some data science experience.

UX UI Designer/Frontend Developer

We are looking for a ninja here, someone who is our in house UX UI designer but who can code React/Javascript/SCSS as well. Data visualization experience helps a lot.

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