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Man's Leadership

In my previous company we had an anonymous chat, and in the topic about relations most on the male employees (yes, the chat was anonymous, but it was obvious from the context that they were male) were saying something like: not sure I can have a normal relationships, I am an omega-male. Omega-male is the opposite to the alpha-male: you know them, focused, confident etc. Nowadays most of the western companies are focused on developing woman's leadership, but I do think that omega-males leadership abilities are also very very weak. Moreover, being one of them (i am a male and I am attracted by women, but I am very shy, unconfident, passive, undecesive), I am starting panicking by trying to imagine myself being a leader. So, the question is: do women feel the same? Does all of those leadership programmes are breaking something in the souls? And if the answer is "yes, the training could change your leadership skills, but it doesn't hurt you", why no one is helping to omega-males?

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