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PHP Devs & Accounts to follow on Twitter

On April 8 2020, I wanted to share BrenDt's article on what to expect in PHP 8 (new features) on my Twitter time-line then a quick question came into my mind: "Is there an available list of top PHP developers one can follow on Twitter?". Tried searching online but came up with a resource[1], but if YOU reading this small article find a list or know a PHP Developer on Twitter, please share in the comment section.

PHP is an active community and maybe in the future people can start asking a similar question to follow active top PHP developer accounts on Twitter (if that question isn't already crossing in the minds of people now).

My main intention was to curate the top 100, but now, the list has grown passed that so, we're moving to having a list of 1K. So, your suggestions will help build the list of 1K PHP Devs on Twitter.

Below is an attempt to curate a list of 1000 PHP developer accounts on Twitter, starting with 180 accounts for now (not in any order, popularity or priority, and maybe I'm not aware of PHP devs out there), that you can follow on Twitter:

If you think there is someone you know that is supposed to be on this list, put a comment in the comment section with the name of the person and his/her Twitter handle (the format listed in this article) and I'll keep adding them onto the list so we can hit 1K PHP Devs on Twitter. Note that, you can also nominate yourself if you're a PHP developer and I'll add as well :)

Thank YOU very much for reading and your suggestions (here or on Twitter via @xSavitar). 👍🏽

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