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Insights by xs:code Launches on Product Hunt!

Open source plays a critical role in the development of new and amazing software. It is the standard today to integrate open source components into almost any software product. Unfortunately, not every repository out there will be the right fit for your project. There are only so many parameters to take into account when choosing an open source repository to use, it can sometimes be difficult to make an educated decision. The wrong repository can derail your R&D timeline if not caught early.

If you’ve been following us on social media, you might have seen our posts and tweets about our upcoming new product called Insights by xs:code. Well, the wait is over. We’re excited that we can officially announce its release on Product Hunt!

Insights is a free Chrome extension that helps you identify if an open source repository on Github is right for your project before you integrate it into your code. You can use the extension to aggregate and analyze data from multiple data sources into an easy-to-use and accessible dashboard.

With our new extension, you can:

  • Find out the health status of a repository, to see how actively maintained it is.
  • Access Snyk‘s industry leading security solution to get a detailed vulnerability report.
  • Check what you can and cannot do with the current repository license, and get access to more licensing options directly from the owner.
  • See what other developers are asking about this repository on StackOverflow.
  • You can even order pizza from the closest pizza place to you because pizza makes you code better.

For more information about Insights by xs:code, head on over to or download the extension directly through the Chrome Web Store.

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