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The Guaranteed Funding Program – Now Accepting New Applicants

At xs:code, we’ve made it our mission to connect open source developers with the software companies that use their projects. With more and more companies using xs:code to find paid solutions, support and licensing for the open source components they use – we aim to help as many open source developers discover the potential of offering paid products and services on top of their free code, and turn their open source projects into steady sources of revenue.

We’ve had such success with helping open source developers monetize their projects, that we are now accepting applicants for our Guaranteed Funding Program (GFP), granting developers with exceptional projects up to $5,000 in funding. GFP members are eligible to guaranteed revenue when they monetize their projects with xs:code. This means that if your project does not reach its minimum revenue goal, we will pay you the difference.

How does it work?

When you’re accepted to the program, our team will set a minimum revenue goal for your project, based on several factors, including popularity, traction and your planned road-map for its continued development. We will then assist you with choosing the best monetization model for your project, help with setting up your paid items, consult on pricing and actively promote your project in various channels. It’s in our best interest that your project makes as much money as possible – and if it doesn’t – we will pay you the minimum revenue goal every month. Depending on your project and its estimated revenue potential, you can receive up to $5,000 annually.

Do I have to commit to something?

You have no commitment, other than allow us to help you with setting up your project’s monetization. We do require you do keep using the monetization model we choose together to be eligible for payment. You can leave the program at any time and do not need to return any funds paid to you.

Who should apply?

If you have an actively developed, original (not forked) open source project with more than 1K stars and you are planning to continue developing and improving it in the future. We prefer MIT licensed projects, but other licenses may work as well. We accept all projects from all programming languages and frameworks, but generally prefer open source components to stand alone projects. Currently we only accept projects hosted on GitHub to the GFP.

How to apply to the GFP

Send an email to, with GFP in the subject. Tell us a bit about you and your project (one paragraph is enough), and add a link to your GitHub repository. If we find your project suitable, we will contact you, usually within 72 hours. If you are accepted, you can enter the program immediately.

What now?

New to xs:code? Click here to learn more.

Questions? email us at

Terms and Conditions

  • Using xs:code is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the website.
  • GFP grants are considered a part of a project’s gross revenue and subject to our standard commission at payout.
  • Applicants are required to accept an addendum to the terms of service, provided upon acceptance to the program.

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