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Keep It Simple


If you can't keep yourself to buy a book, subscribe to a newsletter, add a ton of youtube videos in your "watch later" or even wonder at each second of your life if what you are doing is worse it, this short article is for you.

So you recognize yourself in this introduction... Well.

-Good news: You seem to be really motivated to learn and grow.

-Bad news: That's not by overwhelming your mind with all that stuff that you gonna reach your goals. Worse, you're probably too much stressed and frustrated that you gonna destroy yourself and will be forced to give up. And, for sure, programming is a long-term path. So the idea is to love going through it otherwise you would sooner or later give up.

That's my belief anyway. In that case, I often ask myself: "Would you be able to feel what you feel right now until the end of your life?". Or even more rough: "Do you WANT to repeatedly feel these sensations until you die? Would they make you happy?" If the answer is: "God if I feel like that everyday...", you should reconsider your workflow.

Personally, I can handle a delimited time of huge stress if the goal behind is valuable enough for me. By the way, that kind of situation rarely happens because of a choice but rather of a need. I tend to avoid it because it's painfull (of course) but also because few of my most important goals are short-term goals.

And I think that's the case for most of us. We might want to have the perfect shape for the summer but we would prefer to maintain this perfect shape for the life. Indeed this objective seem ambitious, but that's usually what we really want and that's a bad idea to neglect it.

So ask yourself what really matter for you and if you end up with a long-term goal, consider managing the stress throughout the path.


Enough digression,

The simple ideas I want to remind you are these:

1) You can't learn all the things out there.
2) Because you can't, you have to choose what matter the most for you.

Yes!!! What matter the most for you!
That's why we need to "Keep it simple", because each thing, each kind of useless reflexion that we do is another barrier between us and our goals, or even between us and things that make us happy. We just lose time and energy (i.e our precious ressources that we consume in order to learn, create or achieve other tasks) to consider these kind of superfluous layers above our goals.

Be honest with yourself. Be aware of what you do.
You would be more efficient in your work, more happy and all of this for an extended period of time.

That's it for this article. I hope my thoughts will "resonate" with yours and please, give me a feedback. I'm really exciting about this topic so feel free to give your opinions.

(I hope also that my english was not too bad. If some phrases sound horrible, I'm deeply sorry and I would really enjoy getting some tips ;) )

Thanks for your time and attention.

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