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Next.js and <svg />

A quick share of my experiance with Next.js and .svg files.

I needed to display a bunch of .svg files on a Next.js app.

Using .svg files with Next.js super cool <Image /> component is not recommended since it can create unexpected behavior and lead to vulnerabilities if a security policy header is not defined.

So I needed to incorporate a loader.
The quickest way I found was using .babelrc file and babel-plugin-inline-react-svg.
It worked! well kind of.. 😕 Some graphics were not displayed and some did, while others were cut off unexpectedly.

I dug a bit more and found this answer by @felixmosh on stackoverflow using next.config.js file.


~ Step One:

$ npm install --save-dev @svgr/webpack
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~ Step Two:

// next.config.js

module.exports = {
  webpack(config) {
      test: /\.svg$/,
      issuer: {
        test: /\.(js|ts)x?$/,
       // for webpack 5 use
       // { and: [/\.(js|ts)x?$/] }

      use: ['@svgr/webpack'],

    return config;
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If you used the above solution make sure to give the question and the answer a vote up on stackoverflow 🙂

Side note, if you’re using typescript in your project and feel bad that the next.config file is a .js file don’t because next does not plan “to transpile next.config.js.” As you can see in this issue.

I hope it helped, thanks for reading!

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