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Yaser Al-Najjar
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I'm Yaser, and SHE taught me how to code

I know I'm late to the party, but better late than never.

The tough days

Back in 2011, I was doing computer security till I realized I might do better in programming field, so I decided to give it a try.

And it was TOUGH, since at that time most people told me to learn C++ as a start to get strong fundamentals; it was the norm!

The poor me was struggling to wrap my head around arrays, pointers, and references.

Guess what, I was thinking: programming isn't for me, it's really tough 😨

There comes HER explanation

Fortunately, I found a course from Kate Gregory, I watched the first couple of videos... they were great.

I saw myself finishing the first 4 modules in one go cuz they were heavenly simple!

I realized she also mentions C# in some of the videos, that's when I tried C# and voila I became a C# developer.

Did I mention that I've learned the basics of C# from Deborah Kurata ?

SHE is another great developer, I learned OOP and Defensive Coding from her great detailed courses.

Fast forward

The first time I knew about software design and architecture; specifically, DDD (Domain Driven Design) was when I was watching Julie Lerman course: Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals. (let alone her superior Entity Framework publications)

I felt like: this is what I need to become, a software architect. Since then, I'm diving deeper into that that field, and I LOVE IT!

So, I can proudly say that SHE taught me how to code. And, SHE made a developer who has taught programming in One Million Arab Coders initiative and co-founded an academy to teach programming.

Thanks to all these great women, and thanks to every single person who taught me something.

Happy belated International Women's Day

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Aomaf • Edited


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Hassan Zekkouri

That's a great story!

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thank you for this :)