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To do list app with react typescript and react testing library

Using typescript and testing code with react testing library

Typescript really makes it easy for developers to know the type of variables and return type of the functions which are in play.

I have used hooks for managing states, one can mention the type of state they are defining which makes its type unchangeable resulting in lesser discrepancy issues.

  const [task,setTask] = useState<string>("");
  const [tasks,setTasks] = useState<Array<string>>([])
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The type of props should be defined before using them in the children component which can be done using type or interface keyword.

type props = {
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For testing purpose I've used react testing library to do simple unit and integration testing.

const mockSetTask = jest.fn()
const mockSetTasks = jest.fn()

var task:string
var tasks:string[] = []

it('gets input from input component',  ()=>{
        render(<Input  setTask={mockSetTask} setTasks={mockSetTasks} tasks={tasks} task={task}/>)
        const ele = screen.getByPlaceholderText("Enter Task") as HTMLInputElement

        fireEvent.change(ele,{target:{value:'Go To Gym'}})
        expect(ele.value).toBe('Go To Gym')
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Github Repo : To do list app

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