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Iaroslavna Nezhinskaia
Iaroslavna Nezhinskaia

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How can I contribute to Open Source as a Project Manager? Part 1

I always was eager to connect people. That is why I decided to use my organizational skills and IT background in order to bring great value to the IT community. One of the ways to do it is to contribute to Open Source.
How can I contribute as a Project Manager? I decided to create and lead a team of java developers in order to contribute to Open Source for good.

First of all, I shout in different recourses in my network and friends - if anyone wanna join my friendly team as a java developer? I was lucky enough to have great people around me who decided to support my idea and join my team.

Secondly, we picked a day and we had a first intro meeting. I prepared a great welcoming presentation for our team. It consisted of:

  1. info about me and team members
  2. our tasks and aims for our team
  3. paraments for our project
  4. details of our communications (meetings, chat)
  5. the project that we will contribute

Thirdly, after the meeting, I created a summary with an action plan and a record of the meeting.
Cannot wait for your next meeting with my team and I will keep you posted.

Special thanks to @nikitakoselev for introducing open source to me and believing in me!

Thank you for reading and please like and subscribe =)
Yasia (Iaroslavna Nezhinskaia)

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