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This is excellent!

People think mentorship has to be this formal mentor-mentee relationship, when in reality that isn't usually the case.

Asking someone to "be your mentor" can often become really awkward really quick. Just asking questions and/or advice, a lot less so.


So true!!!

Plus, finding the right mentor depends on a variety of factors that aren't always obvious. And yeah, besides it being awkward (, one also have to remember, that not everyone is interested in becoming a mentor. So yeah, just reaching out and getting in touch, asking questions, and communicating - e.g. on Twitter, which works best for me - is quite a good way o find a 'mentor'.

And, I have the feeling, that people tend to leave out, that a mentor-mentee-relationship does not develop overnight but takes time.


I absolutely agree. It can be intimidating for the other person to have the title "mentor". I usually get interested in certain topics during a conversation and then start asking questions to dive deeper.

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