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I try to blog on a beginner level about many different cool things I learn. Basically, I write the blog post I wish I found when I was first trying to learn those things (it helps me solidify the stuff I learn, you should try itπŸ˜‰).

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If you would like to connect on follow me and reply here so I know to follow you back. I'm always open to meeting new people to learn from, code together, or just be friends with πŸ€—


I follow him everyday to the same job so I can confirm he is indeed a great follow!

By the way, Ben, I noticed that the reply box to a comment covers up part of the original message. Is that intended?

Okay, at this point it's getting creepy... 😜

Kidding. Ben is a great follow as well. His blog posts on interview questions and algorithms were eye opening.

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