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How do you evaluate a software framework?

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We do a lot of reading and testing to compare multiple frameworks available in the market when you are starting a project. I wanted to share my methods and hope to learn what other software devs do.

My methodology

  1. Time box general research and list two to three frameworks/libraries that I want to try.

  2. Try to solve the most complex problem in the requirement with the items selected in step 1. Timebox this step as well. How much you can solve with a same amount of time is also a good indicator of how easy it is to use a selected software.

  3. Fill out the rubric for each and compare them after giving myself a day break after the research.

Framework Evaluation Rubric

  1. What is the fundamental problem it is solving?

  2. How intrusive/opinionated is it?

  3. Can I abstract it away so that my code can be protected from framework specific leakage?

  4. What is the cost of changing my mind later?

  5. What is the philosophy of extensions? How easy or difficult it is to write extensions?

  6. Maturity, community, activeness and open bugs

Do you have a rubric to compare the characteristics that are important to you?

Thanks Karthikkannan for giving me the outline.

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