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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #93 - Range Extraction

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La blatte

Did anybody ask for some ugly code?


How does it work? Well it's a oneshot, I didn't take any time before writing it, I guess it should be way easier:

  • r[]: Initialize the result array
  • : In this one, a ternary operation is used in order to handle two cases:
    • i && !(a[i-1]+1-e) is true : We are not in the first element, and the previous one is equal to "current one minus 1". In this case, with some pop/concat/push, take the last array of the result array and add the current element to it
    • i && !(a[i-1]+1-e) is false : Initialize the next element in the result array: an array with the current element ([e])
  • With the input example, r is equal to this value at this stage: [[-6], [-3, -2, -1, 0, 1], [3, 4, 5], [7, 8, 9, 10, 11], [14, 15], [17, 18, 19, 20]], we need to format it
  • : In this one, e will be equal to each array. We will need to differentiate array with a length of 1 and the others, as their notation is different (-6 vs 7-11). To do this, we will use another ternary:
    • e.length-1 is true : The current element has more than one element, build a string with the first and last element
    • e.length-1 is false : The current element has only one element, return a string with the array (''+[-6] will return "-6")
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You are grouping groups of 2. You should only be grouping 3 or more consecutive numbers.
Also, you are not sorting the list, so it will fail on unordered lists.

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The problem states that the list will always go in increasing order

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OK, I see now.