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What I'm doing in this WEIRD times?

Youssef Rabei
I'm a 17 years old Javascript enthusiast, Front-End Web Developer 👨‍💻, Musician 🎻 🎹 and a Photographer 📷, Who's probably making coffee ☕ right now.
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I'm working on a web app about COVID-19 called COVEGY.
It should have like a dashboard or analytics, the latest news about the coronavirus worldwide, a story about this virus and how to protect ourselves from it, etc.

What technologies I'm using (For Now)


  • For creating the UI I will choose ReactJs and gonna use it's boilerplate create-react-app by Facebook.
  • For the Styling, I always style using CSS but now I will try Sass

Visualizing my data

  • Chart.js for displaying the charts obviously
  • Leaflet for displaying the Map, It's an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps


I 'm gonna use Netlify, It's free, easy to use and most importantly Fast.

Where to get the data for the dashboard

There is a lot of sources out there but I will choose this API coronatracker

Obstacles (Bugs)

  • I never made a website that content had to be connected on multiple pages, I made a lot of multi-pages websites like the home page, the about page and so on but now in this web and in my blog I have to divide the news or posts into multiple pages like every page have 5 posts, so I read about it and found that I will make the URL take a parameter I think (I don't remember what does it call exactly) but it will be after the URL "?" a question mark with the page number something like this ( OR like this (, SO if anyone knows what should I do please let me know in the comments. (Just to know, I'm using react-router)
  • The Design I'm not a designer and I don't want my design to be normal, So I opened a lot of design websites and I knew what I want to my web be like but when I opened adobeXD I couldn't do it so I made a simple design.
    So that's it for now, if you have any ideas or questions about this web let me know in the comments

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it

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