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Learning html

I started my HTML journey on 23/08/2020 and i completed my basic tutorials basic programs on 27/08/2020.
I felt html as such an easy platform you can learn it in few hours.
Basically you need is:
<!DOCTYPE HTML> to specify it as document.
then there are two types of syntax
1) Comes with opening and closing both like
-specifying html

-specify head section
-to link another page or site
- bold

-heading or bigger size
-specify table
- division or a section
    -unordered list
      -ordered list
    1. -list element Alt Text

      and other many more i have only mentioned basics.
      2) comes singly
      -meta tag with charset

      -breaking line

      -horizontal ruler

      We can insert inages with img tag and many more are there if you want to learn can easily learn from W3schools and freecodecamp.
      For further query Can contact me.

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