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Hello my name is Dan, I am from the UK (Wales) I have been coding/making Rust servers for some time now, and most other server owners I have meant wish there was someone who was there to help them with coding/editing their server, So I am making this post to put a hand out to all the small server owners, I am here to help all type of servers big and small.

Prices? :

My services are free but I do accept donations over paypal,


What do I do? :

I help small/big server owners make their server better, this could be by adding a plugin like "Adminkey" to make the server much easyer to add a server staff member/admin,


What don't I do? : I don't make plugins, but I can edit plugins what are made,


My servers :

I own TGA Rust and HashGaming, I am hoping to make sure servers soon,


Thank you for reading if you would like my help message me on discord




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