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Discussion on: WASI - WebAssembly System Interface with Wasmtime

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It has some cross-platform quality to it, like you can run the same C++ program in Windows and iOS without recompiling it (like in Java times). Not sure about performance though.

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Arturo Martínez Díaz

IMO the main target to develop code that must be compiled to run is to improve performance. Java, ES6+ or any other uncompiled code don't reaches great terms of peformance against compiled ones. The target of uncompiled is "develop one, run everywhere".

To sum up: taking a code which main target is perfomance, transpile it to a cross-platform version (loosing performance throug the process) and then execute it everywhere using a VM ... it sounds, kind of ankward for me.

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Sendil Kumar N Author

So, you write code that already runs natively

Thats a very good question. The biggest advantage is portability. Think in this way you need a language specific runtime to run your code. What if you have a single runtime that runs all your code (irrespective of multiple languages).

Java, ES6+ or any other uncompiled code don't reaches great terms of performance

Do you mean JavaScript here? Yeah with WASI you have a runtime the gives you a better performance than JS (NodeJS) alternative.

You will not use that level of performance. But yes, if you just want to write C++, WASI is not an option.