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Oculus Platform Settings


In this post, I will write about how to OculusPlatform Setting in Unity.
This post is reprint of my blog.



1 : Go to Oculus DashBoard
2 : Create New Application.
You can get app id, so write down it.

(↑so sorry, all photo is Japanese. app id 16 digits number.)

From here, if you test mutiplay feature in OculusPlatform, please read.
Adding test user.

3 : Select Manage > UserName > Settings > Test User in the left sidebar.

4 : Add test user. Fill password and pin number. Send.
You should write down them. We use password later.

5 : Test user is added, please write down Oculus ID, and mail address.

6 : (Important)Register the test user who we created as a developer.
Select setting > member, then select add Developer.

7 : Type Oculus ID whose we created test user. Select Add.

Now, test user is registerd.

Setting in OculusPlatform is Done!


  1. In Unity's AssetStore, type Oculus Integration and import this.
  2. In top menu, select OculuPlatform > EditSettings.

  3. Type app id. This is 16 digits number in OculusDashBoard settings we got a while ago.

    If you created OculusRift Apps in OculusDashBoard, type appID in OculusRiftAppId line.
    If you created GearVR/OculusGo Apps in OculusDashBoard, type in GearVR App Id line.

  4. Next, open UnityEditorSettings toggle under appId settings. Type test user address and password, click login.

    If you don't use test user, use your mail address and password in Oculus. Or uncheck Use Stand Platform check box. If you uncheck, Unity find OculusApplication and use the information of the logged in Oculus user.

Setting is done.

Next, I will write how to use OculusPlatformAPI.

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