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If I could build an app, it would be a carpooling app. This app is similar to Uber. It would be as widespread as any major social media application and would be integrated into people's daily lives. Essentially, if a user with a vehicle has space in their car they will go on the app and alert people near their vicinity that they will be going to a specific place and that they have space in their car to pick up people. There will be a window for how long the user waits for people to request to join their ride. They can choose to not pick up anyone, but if the people are enroute to their location, then they will pick them up. This app is extremely convenient, saves time, saves money, and decreases overall traffic. This app is for people with a car who want to help others and for people who need a ride.

The major constraint for this app and the reason why this app would never work is that our society is too dangerous. This app can only work if we trust that nothing will happen in the car once the driver picks up the rider. We have to trust that the driver is actually going to the location they specified, that the rider is safe, and that they both don't mean any harm. We can't guarantee anything so this app might create more danger than assistance. I wished society didn't have any ill intentions and would solely use this app to help people and provide overall convenience. If there was a way we can assure people would use the app for its sole purpose, then I would love to create this app.


If income did not matter, if time did not matter, if all careers were all valued the same, then I would want to be a student and teacher for the rest of my life. I love learning new things. If I had the time I would like to take one class per semester so I will always be learning something.

Growing up, I always admired my teachers. I was especially appreciative when I noticed how happy they are when they saw their students understanding and learning the material. I also had a couple of experiences being a tutor and I was extremely content when the material finally clicked with the student. I wished teachers were paid more especially due to how integral to the advancement of society they are, however, this career is undervalued and would take too long/ longer for me to reach my personal goals.

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