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4 Reasons to Use Yugabyte Cloud to Build Cloud Native Applications

Developers are using YugabyteDB for its PostgreSQL compatibility, linear scalability, resilience, and growing open source community. It has become the database of choice for organizations building cloud native applications that demand a highly scalable and resilient modern architecture. YugabyteDB is designed to run anywhere their cloud native applications run, across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. However, developers don’t want to worry about the infrastructure, operations, and toil of typical DBA tasks. Plus, not all enterprises have the expertise and resources to oversee all the functions and understand the intricacies of running distributed databases.

Yugabyte Cloud delivers the power of distributed SQL with the ease of use of a cloud database service. Developers can create and connect to an infinitely scalable, resilient PostgreSQL and Cassandra compatible database in minutes with zero operational overhead. It makes running YugabyteDB effortless in the public cloud, whether you’re building a new application or running a system-of-record that serves millions of transactions per day with several terabytes of data under management.

Developers expect easy and on-demand access to a cloud native database. In this post, we reveal four key reasons to use this DBaaS offering of YugabyteDB to build cloud native applications.

Get Instantly Productive with a Simple Intuitive Design

With Yugabyte Cloud, developers are instantly productive building great applications while leaving day-to-day database operations to Yugabyte. In addition to industry-standard APIs, the service applies best practices to manage your infrastructure and database securely, offering capabilities such as daily backups, non-disruptive software upgrades, continuous availability, database usage monitoring, logging, auditing, identity and access management, data encryption, and key rotation.

With a few simple clicks, you get a distributed database in the cloud provider and region of your choice, provisioned appropriately for your application’s needs. You don’t have to worry about manual sharding, backups, upgrades, and monitoring. Yugabyte Cloud takes care of hardware failures automatically.

Deploy Globally in Any of the Leading Public Clouds

Yugabyte Cloud abstracts away the underlying cloud complexities, giving developers the freedom to build a cloud-agnostic operational model and manage a database across different cloud providers.

You can deploy Yugabyte Cloud globally to over 30 regions supported by your preferred cloud provider. This helps you reduce latency, improve resilience, and comply with critical data residency regulations. Developers want to move faster, not be slowed down with the worry of cloud vendor lock-in and the burden of a complex migration process. Yugabyte Cloud is currently available for production on AWS and GCP, and will soon support Azure deployments.

Use Confidently with Security by Design

Data loss, theft, and privacy often top the list of data concerns for organizations, particularly in security-sensitive and regulated industries. When companies contemplate cloud adoption, they correctly focus on the negative impacts these can have. Built with security-by-design principles, Yugabyte Cloud enforces security best practices, regardless of which cloud providers and regions developers choose to use.

Yugabyte Cloud protects your clusters and cloud infrastructure by automatically employing highly-secure encryption in transit and encryption at rest. Yugabyte Cloud also provides DDoS and application-layer protection by automatically defending network protocol and volumetric DDoS attacks.

For network isolation, Yugabyte Cloud allows dedicated VPCs and IP allowlists for accepting connections from trusted IP addresses only. Additional features such as identity and access management, database access logging, auditing, and role-based access control ensure developers get best-in-class data security via intuitive admin controls.

Choose from a Variety of Flexible Pricing Options

Yugabyte Cloud’s pricing is straightforward, based on the number of vCPUs and amount of data storage, both of which can be scaled separately as needed. Developers can choose between pay-as-you-go pricing and an annual subscription option. To make it even more effortless to get started, Yugabyte offers a perpetual free tier of Yugabyte Cloud.


Yugabyte Cloud is an easy way for developers to get started with a distributed SQL database. Now you can ensure continuous availability and limitless scale of your cloud native applications, while leaving database operations to Yugabyte.

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