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What's your chrome day to day extensions list?

For many years I've been installing and removing a bunch of different chrome extensions in order to boost productivity, reduce distractions.

Here is my most used list.

  1. Extension manager

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Nowadays typical chrome user has a bunch of extensions always enabled, even if some of those extensions are not needed right now, they still there eating your ram.

Here extension manager comes to the game :) it allows you group extensions and enables them conditionally only when needed :)

ex. I have a set of extensions that I enable only when I'M at work, another set when I'm at home :) or you can enable/disable some of them based on different conditions :)

  1. BitWarden

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Amazing free open-source password manager :) works everywhere. Personally, I use it on my android, windows, mac. It's just works that's it :) also have the possibility to be deployed to personal VPS if needed.

  1. Checker plus for Google calendar

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As a developer I have meetings at my work and it's always difficult to track them, and this amazing extension simplifies this giving you constant notification how much time is left for the next meeting right on the icon, or calendar bird eye if you click on this, also brings pop-ups and notifications for events with an ability to postpone notifications for 1,2... etc. minutes.
This extension saved my ass so many times :)

  1. AdGuard

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One of the best ad blocker extensions so far (IMO), can block ads not only on web pages but also right in you tube videos ❤

  1. GridRuller

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Simple but very useful extension for those who work with frontend :) It brings guidelines like in Photoshop right into a web page (helps to fight with designers)

  1. Dimensions

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Another very useful ruler 📏 for web developers. Together with Grid Ruler (1) becomes super power.

  1. Toby

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Extension manager bro but for tabs :) helps organize tabs into namespaces, groups, workspaces. Also, you can create a team there and share tabs, groups within the team.

  1. Notion

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Notion is my own personal Wikipedia to organize everything I need to organize :) it has a free account for 1 user.

What are your day-to-day extensions which make your life easier?

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