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Refactoring code - git rebase

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To practice git rebase and Refactoring my code, I worked on my goURL repo.

I planned to do three commits with three different refactors.

  • extract functions to reuse.
  • improve variable names.
  • split the util functions to a new file utils.go

Extract functions and improving variables go smoothly. However, when I split the util functions, all my code is broken. all my imported library is still on main.go,
I checked all the libraries needed by the new file and deleted the old imports from main.go. Then, everything works.

The process of refactoring:

git checkout -b refactoring master
// refactoring 1
git add .
git commit -m "Extract functions to reuse"

// refactoring 2
git add .
git commit -m "Improve variable names"

// refactoring 3
git add .
git commit -m "split the util functions to a new file utils.go"

// git log to check the commit history
git rebase master -i
// change commits message.
git commit --amend

// merging
git checkout master
git merge refactoring
git push origin master
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git rebase is a way to clean our commit history. we also use git rebase to
update our working branch to fetch the latest commit from the remote repo.

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Andrea Canton

I think rebase is good when you need to get everything in one timeline. Is good to rebase when you pull from a remote branch so you don't create a merge commit with the same branch. But rebasing before merging other local branches is not a good idea, you loose the timeline of when you made the edit.