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CyberSoc | Cyber Detective CTF

Cyber Detective CTF is an OSINT-focussed CTF created by the Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are 40 challenges across 3 streams : General Knowledge, Life Online and Evidence Investigation.
Link to the Website :

Stream : General Knowledge

  • spy

Its an acronym you might have heard before, but what could it mean?

Ans : Open Source Intelligence

  • hush

It keeps all of your private information safe as it swirls through the internet, what does HTTPS stand for?

Ans: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

  • ported

Your computer gives a 'port' to applications that need to access a network. What is the port number of HTTPS?

Ans : 443

  • sluggish

A third of the internet is vulnerable to it [sorry Apache :-( ].
Its an attack on web servers which requires minimal bandwidth but can bring a server to its knees by opening loads of connections and keeping them alive with tiny amounts of data.
What is it called?
Hint: the name of a certain animal is a part of the word.

Ans : Slowloris

  • wifilock

Your wifi box at home uses it to stop nosy neighbors from trying to steal your internet connection so they don't have to pay for their own.
It can even stop someone from parking outside your house and hoovering up all of that sensitive data flying through the air.
Its the worlds most popular way to protect a wireless access point, but what acronym is it known by?

Ans : WPA2

  • fishy

It can sniff anything travelling along a wire. Mouse clicks. Keyboard taps. Your password. Your credit card number. That message you didn't want anyone to see...
The worlds most popular protocol analyser. What's it called?

Ans : Wireshark

  • iknowyourname

It is a website which allows you to view a worldwide map of wireless access points / wifi routers.
They can be filtered by name, the time of capture and more.
What is the name of this online service?

Ans : Wigle

  • urlsafe

It is a way of taking binary data and turning it into text so that it's more easily transmitted in things like e-mail and HTML form data.
It's a textual encoding of binary data where the resultant text has nothing but letters, numbers and the symbols "+", "/" and "=".
It turns hello*world# into aGVsbG8qd29ybGQj
What is the name of this encoding method?

Ans : base64

  • outinthestreets

Its the tool by one of the world's largest tech firms which lets you see what its like to stand on the streets anywhere on planet Earth... yet we bet the first place you looked at was your own house.
What is this tool called?

Ans : Google Streetview

  • bleepbloop

Its a globally recognized way of broadcasting SOS. It can manifest as flashes of light, beeping, knocking, writing and more in order to broadcast individual letters which are joined together by the recipient to make meaningful sentences.
.... . .-.. .-.. ---
What is the name of this particular code?

Ans : Morse

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