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CyberSoc | Cyber Detective CTF

Cyber Detective CTF is an OSINT-focussed CTF created by the Cyber Society at Cardiff University. There are 40 challenges across 3 streams : General Knowledge, Life Online and Evidence Investigation.
Link to the Website :
Here's a way how I approached these challeges
Stream : Life Online

  • voteforme
You'd have thought politics was a bit of a dry subject; not for some.
What US political party does James over here support?

Ans : Look for the party the James is interested in. Barack Obama was in this party.

  • growingup

Where did James spend his childhood?

Ans : go to and in map search for ///push.asking.barn.

  • choochoo

We need to make sure James is far away when we try and break into his house.
In what city does James work?

Ans: James colleague George is going to attend a party in this city with Sarah. The party will be hosted by Pearce Rees.

  • suntan

People love telling the world about their holiday, but is this really a great idea?
What CITY is Sarah going on holiday to at the end of February?

Ans : go to the likes section of James Profile, you will find Sarah. The Holiday picture is of Ferry Elizabeth Quay. The city name is the answer.

  • wagthetail

The team has been trying to work out where Person of Interest, Sarah, walks her dog. This is part of building up a profile of her movements.
Can you have a look to see if you can find the TOWN in which Sarah tends to take the dog out to?

Ans : In the bio there is Buster's favorite place. The google map will tell the place.

  • narcissism

There's a new Person of Interest, George something or other.
Can you find anything interesting on him? Something he perhaps thinks you can't work out?
Take a look.

Ans : decode aW1hbWF6aW5nMTIz using base64

  • proppedup

We've obtained what we believe to be an office CCTV camera feed.
We have reason to suspect that it is overlooking one of the work desks belonging to one of our targets.
Can you confirm the COLOUR of the DESK SURFACE and the COLOUR of the DESK LEGS, just so we can be sure of what we're seeing and task the reconnaissance team further.

Ans : Pearce Rees twitted about the debit card left on the table
(color of desk) (color of legs)

  • bluengreen

James has a habit of getting in the way of things ;).

Ans : the clue is in the header_photo meaning the blue-green eyes

  • clockingout

We're trying to plan when is best to break into James' house to plant a bug.
What time does he start work? (UK time).

Ans : Unsolved

  • meme

We've been watching a bloke called George recently, you might have already done some work on him.
He's not that smart by the looks of things, could be a good person to look for a social media presence on.
In particular, we're after an access key for a program his company uses so that the team can ex-filtrate information to aid with our ongoing fraud investigations.

Ans : The Access Code is in the meme

  • partytime

Our intelligence analysts have reported that a whole bunch of our targets are having a party together on a Saturday night soon.
We want to deploy agents to see whats going on, but we can't risk blowing our cover turning up in a car. The road is pretty quiet and the property has very clear view of its surroundings, our reports suggest.
Find the location of the party and the best BUS ROUTE NUMBER to reach the party from Principality Stadium, Cardiff - where the surveillance team will be deployed from.
This sounds silly but we need to blend in with the public. The stakes are high.
Enter the BUS ROUTE NUMBER you think is best for this situation.

Ans : look for the bus route number from Principality Stadium, Cardiff to 159 Llanedeyrn RdCardiffCF23 9DW . The answer will be one from (27, 95 and X1).

  • leaveamessage

Our analysts have been trying to get proof of a target's phone number.
We want to move ahead with the arrest but we must get evidence that the phone number we've got is indeed theirs. We need to be sure.
Due to the highly sensitive nature of the case, we cannot confirm the target's name with you at this time.
Please have a look to see if you can find their phone number.
When you call the target's number what are the LAST THREE WORDS you hear (you can also just enter the phone number as your answer and that is fine as well)?

Ans : Unsolved

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