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Creating an online blog with NextJS, Sanity, and Vercel

I recently came across Sanity, a CMS that seems to have a lot of potential. Except for 1 problem, it's updating to v3, at the moment, which breaks everything and turns old guides obsolete.

I stumbled through forums and docs to try and figure it out myself so why not document what I found?

The styling will be minimalistic (styled components) and the content will be sparse because I'm more focused on showcasing how to get a project like this up an running.

In the end you will have a...

  • Homepage that will display all of the blog posts.

  • Template page to display an individual post when clicked

  • Link to Sanity Studio so you can create your posts

  • Blog hosted on your own Vercel domain

There are a few problems that will arise with trying to use v3 of Sanity.

  • There is no current way (that I know of) to redeploy your Vercel site when you create a new post, you have to do this manually

  • There are only a few plugins that currently work with v3, so options are limited

So because of this, I wouldn't recommend building anything large with this yet. But when v3 is fully released and stable (with better plugin support), you will already know how to get started.

Let's get started.

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