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Adam L Barrett | ZDS 075

Friend of the Show: Adam L Barrett stops by ZDS to Talk React and RxJS!!

=== Links ===
Adam's Twitter:​
How it Should Have Ended:​
Zack's Habit Tracker App:​
Adam's Talk: "React Hooks: The Weird Ones":​
Adam's Talk: "RxJS with React":​
Positive and Negative Zero in JS:​
90's Sega Tower of Power:​
Contemporary Mini Tower of Power:​
Rich Hickey's Talk "Simple Made Easy":​
Interesting Talk From Adam Thornhill on Measuring Velocity/Tech Debt (I forget the name of this talk/presenter during the conversation):​
What is Zalgo:​

=== Chapters ===
00:00​ Shameless Groveling for Likes
00:29​ Friend of the Show: Adam L Barrett
00:51​ Tools and Being a Proper Dad
03:50​ RxJS for Changing Properties in Angular && How Hooks fill that niche in React
10:30​ React as Synchronous Renders Based on Discrete State
16:27​ RxJS with useEffect() as a Way to Enhance React Goodness
31:02​ Context as React's Dependency Injection && Advantages to React Components Over Angular Components
39:01​ Side Conversation on Default Contexts for a React Context
48:45​ Exploring RxJS for Push Architectures in React
54:38​ Lack of Domain Specific Knowledge in React
1:02:18​ React Hooks vs. Classes and Learning the History of a Framework
1:05:00​ The Optimal Order To Learn Fundamentals
1:07:07​ How to Measure/Improve Velocity
1:14:50​ Cold and Hot Observables as Opposed to Cold and Hot Promise
1:23:50​ Asynchronicity in React and Summoning Zalgo
1:30:03​ Aside: New Methods to convert Observables to Promises
1:32:30​ React as a Framework, Isolation and Separation of Concerns
1:36:10​ The Robustness of Observables, and the Cost of RxJS
1:40:42​ NgRx as a Valuable Tool To Flatten the RxJS learning curve
1:48:22​ Facade and Adapter Patterns

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