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Discussion on: What I learned after a year and half of developing

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once you try PHP(or Web)Storm you'll never go back
I do agree that font is important and that's exactly why I can't stand Fira Code and am sticking to Consolas
SASS might be an interesting choice for big projects but in most cases it just adds a build time you don't need
for performance insights I just use GTMetrix as it provides me results from both PageSpeed and YSlow, sometimes helping to pinpoint little details single tool would miss and in the end I might check Lighthouse too
Additionally I use Mozilla Observatory to fix some webserver config issues

As of static sites, if I really want to build one I'll in most cases just code one, but in extreme cases I'll use Laravel Export, I never got to this point though, with half a second range loading times on cheap VPS I don't feel the need to (and in PHP 7.4 I expect them to go down again), though skipping the DB querying would definitely save some time

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David Kistauri Author

Huge thanks for these testing websites!
I am using static site generator for blog website to generate html from md