Short term assignment - .NetCore/SQL Server/Piranha CMS

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About Us

findigl is a platform designed to give people accurate information on the property market in the UK. It's focus is on data and articles. The website is still only a placeholder right now and can be found at www.findigl.com

About The Opportunity

I am Zak Willis, you can find me on here and some of the articles I wrote to understand how I tend to work. I released findigl using Piranha CMS, SQL Server, C#/.Net Core. There are some bugs, definite improvements and features already written needing integrating.

How it will work.

I am expecting to offer 8 weeks work. Each week will see a delivery for testing and release. There may be opportunity for more work.

Skill & Qualifications

  • JavaScript (jQuery/Knockout/Leaflet.js)
  • .Net Core
  • Piranha CMS
  • SQL Server - Stored Procedures, Functions
  • C#
  • Dapper
  • Razor
  • Bootstrap
  • Visual Studio 2017/Git (I use Gitkraken). It is understood you are unlikely to have all these skills.

How To Apply

Simply drop me an email at zak.willis@inforhino.co.uk or on DEV.TO
Please detail desired rate. Please note, at this moment in time it cannot be a highly paid assignment. If you still want to discuss the project drop me a line and we can see if there is possibility in the future.

The process

I have a small pre-interview task which entails setting up a new version of piranha CMS and doing some edits, simple code, and a deployment to your IIS.
We would then review this over skype, zoom, have a basic discussion/technical interview.
We would then sign a confidentiality agreement and agree payment terms/contract.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

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Hi, I normally contract in MSBI, Oracle, .Net/.Net Core, focusing on a property platform at the moment. Have also been working hard on upgrading my limited company website too.


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