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Laragon for Laravel development on windows

Laragon for Laravel development

Hey, guys.

At this moment I want to share with you, how to work Laravel Framework in Windows.

Mexico city, March 22, 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in Mexico City. I had to emigrate from the city and buy a computer with windows 10.

lol At this point I thought: how do I develop my laravel applications on windows?

So, I met Laragon, a tool is amazing.
Initially I had a lot of trouble running the PHPUnit tests. 🥺

Then I managed to run the tests:

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Laragon benefits

Multiple php versions:
An important benefit is the change of PHP versions between 7.1 to 7.4, this is a headache when working with laravel valet on Mac OS.

Alt Text

Multiple database:
We can switch between mysql or mariadb. This depends on your projects.


When we work with Windows, there are possibly problems with the directory path.

In my experience I had problems with the jest tests. because the node_modules directory cannot be found.

Anyway, Laragon is very elegant for laravel development.

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