Configure PHP-CS-Fixer for Laravel on Visual Code

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Hi, developers. 😄

I will teach you how to configure php-cs-fixer for laravel in the visual code editor.

Often, when I write PHP code, I can make mistakes, such as lack of spaces, structure of conditions, etc. 😅

What is PHP-CS-Fixer?

PHP-CS-Fixer is a standard for ordened your code and apply code style guide PSR for PHP.

PHP-CS-Fixer It is a tool that helps to organize the application code, following the PSR standards.

Installation PHP-CS-Fixer.

Github PHP-CS-Fixer

$ brew install php-cs-fixer

Installation VSCode

brew update
brew tap caskroom/cask
brew cask search visual-studio-code


  • Open VSCode editor
  • Add extension php cs fixer to VSCode
  • Add to settings.json file
  "editor.formatOnSave": true,

  "php-cs-fixer.onsave": true,
  "php-cs-fixer.executablePath": "${extensionPath}/php-cs-fixer.phar",
  "php-cs-fixer.config": "~/.vscode/.php_cs;",
  • Add config file .php_cs
$ cd ~/.vscode
$ touch .php_cs
  • Open config file .php_cs and add PHPCSFixer configuration.

Ok, The configuration that I use to work PHP-CS-Fixer with Laravel applications is optional. 😄

I will begin to explain the changes that I have made in the configuration file .php_cs.


'concat_space' => array('spacing' => 'none'),



Spacing to apply around concatenation operator, I like it with no space.

unsend imports:

'no_unused_imports' => true,

Remove imports that are not used in a class.


'ordered_imports' => array('sort_algorithm' => 'alpha'),

Currently in Laravel 6, the order of imports was included alphabetically, Here the Pull Request of the discussion for this change. 😬

Personally, I liked the order by length. 😄


'return_type_declaration' => array('space_before' => 'one'),

There should be one or no space before colon, and one space after it in return type declarations, according to configuration.

example of my configuration.

     * Check if the user is a admin.
     * @return bool
    public function isAdmin() : bool
        return $this->roles->contains('name', Role::ADMIN);

Add a space before the colon.


'not_operator_with_successor_space' => true,

Logical NOT operators (!) should have one trailing whitespace.



if (!$foo) {
    echo "Help!";


if (! $foo) {
    echo "Help!";


PHP-CS-Fixer is a very useful tool when writing PHP code in Laravel applications. 🤓

I hope you like this post, if you have questions about me you can write a comment below or send a message to my twitter. 👋


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